New York - The Busy City


Previous day we had hardly managed to get some sleep. And we were to go to New York with our hurried trip starting at 6:30 AM again. As always the plans did not go as expected. We started a bit late and it took half an hour to reach the metro and 40 minutes to reach Washington DC. You know for Nagesh 1.4 miles (2.24km) in 30 minutes is sooo.. near! :) Instead of getting down at New York Avenue station on Red line we got down Metro Station which is also supposed to be sooo near to the Grey Hound bus station. After a brief walk we reached bus station and after little bit of struggle managed to get the tickets at the kiosk only after a lady helped used. Even though lady was a Grey hound employee even she had to go back and forth with the links. Finally we had the tickets to New York at 10:00 AM and return bus at 9:00 PM.

It was a 5 hour trip to New York. On the bus a Disney movie, “Wonka chocolate factory” was being played. I watched a bit of the movie in between the naps. But as usual Nagesh watched the “movie” fully. I and Naga Satish again wondered about the high ways in America.

Sky scrappers in New York

By 2:30 PM we were at 42nd street of Manhattan emerging out of the grey hound bus station. When we were entering New York we had seen the sky scrapers from far away along the coast. Now we were amongst the sky scrapers! Photos were clicked furiously and Nagesh was on with the video cam which was bought couple of days back by Naga Satish. Some people like taking photographs and some like to have the photographs taken. Nagesh was a guy who is crazy about both taking photographs and becoming part of the photo. Praveen who was not traveling with us this weekend was an extreme case of becoming part of the photo(A week back he was visiting New York and took 10 photographs standing in one spot at the Brooklyn Bridge at different angles). Nagesh was busy with the video cam I guess he is the best handled the video cam among us.

First thing we did was get into the first Indian restaurant we saw and started eating. I was so hungry that I took all the curries that were available in a loaded plate and finished everything waiting for the rothis to arrive. Thankfully before my next plate finished a basket full of soft Nans arrived and I relished them. I had one more round of rice before I gave rest to my mouth only to find out Nagesh slowly eating his first serving.

There were couple city tours were on offer. We were in double mind to take the tours or not. Considering the time we have in our hand decided to utilize the tour itinerary and the map of city and do it on our own. Its like to search through the maps get directions and find a place! The nearest land mark to our position was Empire state building. Due to lack of time we had to satisfy ourselves by looking at the building from a distance. Later on I came to know that tourists can go to the top of the building. Actually people stand queues for hour to have a look at the New York from the top of Empire State building.

We turned around and started walking towards the Times Square. It was a long weekend and the streets were crowded with tourists. All along the foot paths there were hawkers selling T-Shirts, hand bags and what not. Looked like most of the stuff sold by hawkers had made in China tag. Wonder if Made in China costs so less after shipping to other side of the continent, it should cost much less across the border in India. But I have never come across such stuff in Bangalore.Most of the regular shops had on going “Sale” too.I was searching for a binocular and inquired to get Luke warm responses as I was searching for a basic model.

People taking photographs at Timesqure From Newyork

Not only the shops, there were people doing spray painting, playing violin and what not. It was reminiscent of Chikpet in Bangalore or the busy streets of Mumbai. When we reached Time Square crowd was just increasing by the minute, people were some how managing to find some space for a photograph with the billboards and neon signs in the background. NR and NS shopped for a while at Time Square. We found a subway station. Compared to Washington DC metro New York Subway covers larger area and one can take one way ride from any station to any station for just $ 2. I found it hard to understand the system. But I guess if you are new Yorker that’s the best mode of transportation alternative to the busy streets. Washington DC Metro easy to use its less crowded so easy to get in and out. Before a station is reached the driver announces, even the next station is announced. Even closing and opening the door happens with warnings. But all that is not there and you will also see more counters compared Washington DC. At DC there are more ticket vending machines and hardly any counters. Moreover its easy to find out which line to take or when the station is approaching using the map provided at all metro stations. But I guess that may not be possible in New York due to large number of stations and area covered.

Brooklyn Bridge From Newyork

We took the subway to City Hall and reached the site of World Trade center. There are photographs on display which were taken at the time of 9/11. The photos convey what people went through during 9/11.After WTC site we visited Brooklyn Bridge. Constructed in 1870-83, it is one of the oldest suspension bridges and has a story of determination behind the construction. Nagesh was visiting New York for the second time and this was the only place he could not see during last visit. There were boat rides available on the pier 17. But considering the time we time we had in hand we had to start moving back. By then we were feeling tired as well esp Naga Sathish who does not like too much of roaming around. We started back and on the way went to City Hall Park before taking another ride on the New York Subway.
When we reached the bus station we came to know that we had wait for another 2 hours at the station. We had failed to read the fine print in bus timings. An earlier bus was canceled on that day. When we finally reached Washington DC it was 1:30 AM and we had to struggle to get a taxi. We were left with no options than take non-taxi and pray that we reach hotel :)