Learning to Fly - Birding at Lalbagh


I was on the bng birder yahoo group for quite some time and for a long time, I wanted to go for second Sunday birding at Lalbagh . When I reached the west side of the glass house around 7:30 AM on Sunday morning, JN Prasad(He has been doing bird watching at Lalbagh for nearly 30 years now and is regularly guides people on second Sunday outings) was just arriving with his birding scope. After brief introduction we started off. There were easily 20+ people. It was good to see lot of children joining. When I came to know that there were people from as far as Basweshwar Nagar had made it early in the morning,thought being in Koramangal I could have gone earlier :(
First bird of first bird watching session was Shikra(Also known as Black Kite) which was spotted by its voice and because of the crows chasing it. Most of the people were new to birding, so each bird finding followed description of the bird, how to identify and some interesting facts such as How Koel brings up its siblings? To start with spotting was not easy especially when you are moving from bare eyes to binoculars. But slowly I got the hang of it and started spotting too.
We had Nisarg joing and explaining about his water-hole study at Bandipur. Nisarg sets up trap camers and he is supposed to study the water hole usage pattern in bandipur. Then M.B.Krishna(you know who if you are on the bangalore birder list) explained the story behind the poster on oxygen calculations It was developed on a bill left behind by the prevoius customer on the same table ;) ) Crowd was getting thinner by the time and we visited he lotus pond and bigger lake to find some more birds.When I started back home it was 11 AM
Birds Spotted

Pigeon sized with creamish belly
Male Koel
Looks like crow has a longer tail and red eyes. beak is smaller.
Female Koel
Has white spots on back and red eye
Jungle Crow
Beak is longer the house crow and color is jet black
Pariah Kite
Also known as Black kite
Green Barbet
Makes kutter kutter sound
Flower pecker bird
Dint know that there were 38 varieties of flower pecker.
Jungle Myna
Does not have yellow patch behind eye and has very small crest(?)
Rose ringed parakeet
India does not have Parrots, there are only parakeets
Male Golden Oreole
Yellow body with black back.
Black Drongo
Smaller than koel and has a long tail.
Spotted dove
Clay colored with white spots
Grey headed starling
May be I wrote the name worng ?
Brahminy Kite Juvenile
Looks similar to Pariah Kite but has got white spots on chest.
White throated Kingfisher
Found near the lotus pond.
Little Comorant


Purple Moorhen
Has got a red beak and purple back of the size of egret
I could not find a photograph when I searched for Gallinula Chloropus did not look like the one I had seen.
Indian Moorhen
Smaller than Purple Moore Hen
Pond Heron

If you want to join .. : It starts at 7:30 AM on every second sunday of the month near west side of the Glass house at Lalbagh. If you are first time birder it will be very good opportunity to learn from experienced and enthusiastic birders full of knowledge. I guess this is the best way to start off.

Birding at Lalbagh